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marca CIEO Seminar: Does Christianity have a Psychedelic History? With Jerry B. Brown, Ph.D. Antropologist, 21st November 2019, University of Algarve (more) NEW

marca Business Seminar: Management Magic: How to communicate and motivate people. With Kerry L. Johnson, International Speaker, 13th November 2019, University of Algarve (more) - Registration FORM NEW

marca Workshop: Virtuous Leadership. With Alexandre Dianine Havard. University of Algarve, 28th October 2019 (more) NEW

marca 3rd CREATOUR International Conference and Creative Tourism Showcase. “Creative tourism dynamics: connecting travellers, communities, cultures and places”. University of Algarve, 23rd-25th October 2019 (more)

marca t-Forum 2020 Global Conference: Breaking Old Barriers for a New World. Mobilizing Intelligence to Survive. Algarve, 18th-21st March 2020 (more) NEW

marca Journal of Spatial and Organizational Dynamics: Vol. VII, Issue 3, 2019 - Insights of User Generated Content in Tourism (more) NEW



marca ICOTTS'19 - The 2019 International Conference on Tourism, Technology & Systems. Universidad Abierta Interamericana in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 5th-7th December 2019 (more)

marca V Congresso Internacional de Riscos: Contributos da ciência para a redução do risco. Agir hoje para proteger o amanhã. Coimbra city, 18th-20th May 2020 (more)



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