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CIEO supports several advanced studies of the University of Algarve, having a fundamental role for the accreditation of some of their cycles of studies - Bachelors, Master Programs and PhD programs - by the Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation of Higher Education (A3ES).

Under certain conditions, doctoral students may apply for formal membership of CIEO (Regulation), which allows them to enjoy privileged access to the activities of the Unit and, in specific cases (Regulation), have financing to their research activity.

In 2018, CIEO has a PhD network composed of 48 students. They integrate the Young Researchers Network (YRN), which is composed by the PhD network plus recent doctorates of the Unit. This network organises activities, such as an annual symposium, giving researchers the opportunity to present their current work to senior researchers and invited experts, and short courses on key topics identified by the coordination of YRN. 

During 2013-2017, 43 PhD thesis were concluded under the supervision of integrated members of CIEO.

Since 2016, CIEO promotes research internships to involve bachelor and master students in ongoing research projects.

CIEO also organizes Short Courses, in a straight connection with the region, open to researchers, students and external stakeholders.




CIEO SHORT COURSES 2018 (download)

CIEO SHORT COURSES 2017 (download)

CIEO SHORT COURSE 2016 (download)

CIEO SHORT COURSE 2015 (download)

CIEO SHORT COURSES 2014 (download)


CIEO SUMMER COURSES 2015 - Ordenamento do Território (download)

CIEO SUMMER COURSES 2012 - Ordenamento do Território (download)


Cursos de Formação Avançada IT.LAB - Semestre de Inverno 2011/2012 (download)

Cursos de Formação Avançada IT.LAB - Semestre de Verão 2011 (download)


Advanced Fellowships and Grants:

FCT – Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology

Marie Curie Actions

Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation



last update january-2019

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