Tourism and Places: New Approaches NEW

Environmental Pressures on Tourism Companies: Simulation of Scenarios in Golf Course Operators


The Destination is where I Live! Residents’ Perception of Tourism Impacts



IMASS 1st International Conference: The Multidimensional Aspects of Spatial Analyses
At the Real Marina Hotel in Olhão, Portugal, 23-24th April, 2014 (more)
COST Workshop: Understanding and Modeling the Migration Decision Making Process under a Changing Climate  
University of Algarve, 15th May, 2014 (more)


Project KIMERAA promoted Transnational Workshop on Sustainable Aquaculture  
France, Quimper, 26-27th March, 2014 (more)

20th APDR Congress: Call for papers  
Évora University, 10-11th july, 2014 (more)
17th Uddevalla Symposium 2014: Geography of Growth. The Frequency, Nature and Consequences of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Regions of Varying Density  
Uddevalla, Sweden, 12-14th June, 2014 (more)

Tourism and Places: New Approaches


In present days, places have to address new challenges in a context so heavily marked by the economic globalisation, the mobility of people and goods and fierce competition to attract tourists, residents and investors. The consumption contemporary trends, the growing importance of the symbolic and the need to improve visibility compel places to devise innovative features with impact on their attractiveness as a tourism destination. In order to face this reality, the management of tourism destinations acknowledges new approaches, strongly inspired by the business environment. The marketing, the brand, the image, the management of impacts and the events are among these approaches reflected in this "Tourism and Places: New Approaches" issue.
Thus, the first piece analyses the consumption values, their types and their influence on the destination choice and destination decision-making process. In the second one, authors address the brand personality topic regarding a country as tourism destination. The next paper focuses on the reasons why Malaysia, became a major tourism destination in Asia. Concerning the tourism destination, the authors of the fourth piece analyse the environmental pressures on companies considering the special case of golf course operators. The fifth article is dedicated to understand the residents’ perceptions about tourism impacts. The last article focuses on the study of visitors’ motivations, satisfaction and loyalty towards a local event with impacts on the destination attractiveness.

Patrícia Oom do Valle, Júlio Mendes and Manuela Guerreiro

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