Discussion Papers Nº 11
Collaborative and Integrative Processes in Management
CIEO Seminar - Business Landscapes and the Consequences for India
by Professor Eric Vaz, Department of Geography at the Ryerson University, Toronto
1st of March, Faculty of Economics, University of Algarve
Call for Papers - INNOVAFLOW Conference
20-22 June 2013, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal (more)
34th STAR Conference
University of Algarve, Faculty of Economics, 1 - 3 july 2013 (more)
II Iberoamerican Conference on Health Psycology
University of Algarve, Grande Auditório, 4- 6 july 2013 (more)
The Cross Roads of Public Policies

In Portugal, as in most of the other EU countries, one may detect a huge heterogeneity in the frequency of supports received by institutions and regions. This is the consequence of iniquity in the institutional abilities to apply for grants related to structural funds or to R&D financing. However, it also demonstrates that some public agencies can deal better than others as intermediary stakeholders in the process of pushing innovation further, either at the regional or at the national level.

The observed phenomena are incorporated in firms’ behaviour, while also depending on external factors. Firms, in general, may be classified by their innovation aptitude. Although scientific results have been pointed out in the most recent literature, these basic assumptions for innovation policy have not been efficiently introduced.

Professor Teresa de Noronha



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