ICT in Organizations


CIEO Seminar: "The Challenges Facing UK Regional Airports"
With Professor Anne Graham, University of Westminster. University of Algarve, Faculty of Economics, 14th November (more) NEW
Workshop CIEO: "Resiliência dos Sistemas de Inovação face à Turbulência Económica: Da Escala Regional a uma Perspectiva Multinível das Transições Sociotécnicas"  
With Professor Hugo Pinto from Centro de Estudos Sociais, University of Coimbra and Faculty of Economics, University of Algarve. University of Algarve, Faculty of Economics, 22nd November (more) NEW
Workshop "Resilient Territories: Innovation and creativity for new modes of regional development"  
University of Algarve, Faculty of Economics, 29th November (more)
International Conference "Care, Health and Well-Being: The Views of Older People"  
University of Algarve, 24th January 2014 (more)
ICT in Organizations

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) has led to more productive organisations and societies that are capable of receiving, processing and transmitting increasingly faster vast amounts of information. The impact of ICT on social and organisational environments fosters several research efforts related to this topic. 

This issue presents three different approaches aiming at further enhancing organisational productivity through innovative ICT uses. The first approach, proposed by Juan D. Borrero and Estrella Gualda, describes a methodology to use Big Data from Social Web applications, showing the sort of results that this type of analysis can offer to social scientists. The second approach, by Duarte Duarte and Paula Ventura Martins, propose the extension of a process improvement model for higher education institutions. The final approach, presented by António Gonçalves, Marielba Zacarias and Pedro Sousa, describes a model to represent people's work interrelating transactions between business actors, combining concepts of Activity Theory and Enterprise Ontology.

Marielba Zacarias and Paula Martins

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